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We spent the 2nd week on Roatan, the largest island in the Islas de la Bahia (Bay Islands) off the coast of Honduras

Just relaxing at our semi-private beach

We had the place to ourselves most of the time and a dedicated diving instructor.
We used the week to learn how to dive.

New friends from Kansas

Frigate bird

Jesus Christ lizard.. Locally know as the Monkeylala

They are know as Jesus Christ Lizards because they run on their back feet and can actually run across water!

This agouti was hanging out in our back lawn


This is the plane that got us to Roatan .. A Fokker

You can just barely make out the large ray below us. We were at 60 feet, it was closer to 120.

One of the many denizens of our newly discovered underwater environment. We took the opportunity to learn how to Scuba while we were in Roatan and we actually both got open water certified.
Click here to check out my first attempts at trying to take some underwater pictures using my digital camera in a waterproof bag.

A wreck on the south coast of Roatan. Taken from the plane as we were leaving.

Ahh .. sunset.. This was our walk from our house to the dining & diving area.

Also on our walk was this rather friendly tarantula. It would hang out every night within 3 feet or so of its burrow.

One of the parrots hanging around the dining room.

One of the newly acquired toucans at the Bay Islands Resort.

Turkey Vulture hanging out on the pier

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