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Caves on Bonaire
Quite an adventure
(Scroll down to see pictures)

Cave Story..

We decided to take a break from diving and go exploring the caves on Bonaire. Well, were we in for an adventure!
We got a ride out to the first cave with our guide Waldo and were dropped off near the first cave. We then went down this ladder to the cave below.
It was HOT!!! Caves aren't supposed to be hot. It was so hot when we came out it felt cool in the bright sun! .. for a minute!

The cave was great though.. bats flying around completely silent, and you could see that the roof which held the stalactites was made of star and other corals. It really makes you appreciate how long these reefs have been here.


When we did climb out we found out that the walkie-talkie battery had died and we had no way to tell the driver to come pick us up!
OK plan B.. we set up a temporary shade with Jessica's shawl and Waldo goes from house to house looking for someone who is actually on the island to use their phone. Eventually he comes back and let's us know that someone is coming to pick us up and take us to the next cave.

Fortunately, the next cave ..our great adventure.. is pretty close to the Caribbean Club Bonaire by Oil Slick Leap and we went in for a few drinks (tea & coke) to cool down.

Then it was back on the trail to the next cave, which promised to allow us the opportunity to snorkel. Well we got to the cave and Waldo started unfurling his climbing rope. We actually needed this to get down as this one did not have a nice ladder!

This is where the pictures stop because it started to become just a bit hard to climb down and take pictures too.

When we got to the bottom of this cave using the rope we made our way along a dark passageway to a nice little pool of water.. not really much to snorkel in, but enough to get cool in. This is where Waldo let us know of our next adventure.

Well, he said, we can just hang out here or we can snorkel under the rocks to an air pocket not too far from here and it is bigger than this.

What.. dive from air pocket to air pocket in complete darkness. I am not the best swimmer in the world and haven't really done that much snorkeling where you go under water.. I float too much. Somehow though, with my mind saying no .. no .. no way.. my lips said .. 'well OK!'

Well when you dive to go down you exhale ..right.. well that isn't a good idea to do when you are snorkeling when the only air you have is in your lungs and you have about 15 to 20 feet to swim underwater .. without fins .. to get to any new air. And you have stalactites over your head!  Jessica and Waldo headed in first and left me there alone. I waited about a minute and then sucked in a big breath.. got ready.. blew most of it out to go down.. duh!!  and started kicking like a banshee to get to where this other air pocket was supposed to be. Well it was about the scariest thing I ever did.. 1/2 way through I was thinking.. You're an idiot Frank. Of course I had no idea what 1/2 way through was.. I could have been 1/10th of the way through for all I knew. When I reached the air pocket. I was still thinking.. You're an idiot!

This is what it looked like in there.

"  "

Yep dark.. very dark. As it turns out my battery was starting to die and my mighty fine HID lamp just became useless!

It's something I did, but I doubt I would do it again.. oh wait.. I need to do it again to get out.. aargh!!

Fortunately on the way out Waldo gave me a bit of an assist and all was well. As it turns out I was supposed to wait for him to come back for me on the way in. Hey.. Nobody said that!

It was an adventure and it did make us forget about the scrapes and bumps!

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