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Diving in the Giant Ocean Tank in the New England Aquarium
(scroll down to see pictures and a video)

I was privileged to be able to dive in the GOT on Saturday Oct 6th.
It was a fantastic experience and a bit unnerving to be diving with creatures so much larger
than anything I have seen diving before. It wasn't feeding time yet, but they were wondering.



Sand Tiger Sharks.
There are 3 of these and one Nurse shark in the tank.
These are the kind of sharks that need to keep moving, so you need to stay out of their way.
Once I was bumped by one as I was focusing in on something else.
Sadly one of the sharks, which was suffering from severe curvature of the spine, has since died.
The malady apparently is something that occurs in sand tiger sharks in the wild as well.

The pre-dive tip was  "Make sure your fingers don't look like shrimp".
 What this meant was either holding a fist the whole time or in my case, holding onto the camera.

One of the shark's teeth

Random people watching the scuba diver in the tank.
It was a fun dive and I never got so many smiles thrown my way in such a short time.

Here is the video I shot with my little point & shoot digital camera.
The video actually gives a good sense of what is like diving in the tank and show
more varieties of fish than I have pictures of here, including of course more sharks!

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