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Grand Cayman
Stingrays and Eagle Rays

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The Spotted Eagle Ray is one of the most graceful creatures I have ever seen. In the video linked on this page you see one find
something to eat (crustacean or fish) under the sand and devour it. It is about 6 feet across and has a tail about 6 feet long.

Spotted Eagle Ray

Eagle Ray feeding

Spotted Eagle Ray

Click here to see a video of this Eagle Ray feeding

The following few pictures are from scuba diving with Southern Stingrays and Moray Eel at Stingray City in Grand Cayman.
When coming back from fishing the fishermen would clean their fish just inside the reef in the shallows of this bay. When they threw the extra overboard, the stingrays would get a free meal. Eventually they came to expect this and show up when they smell squid or hear a boat engine. It's a pretty crazy place when there are 5 or more cruise ships in town! We went in the afternoon when the crowd was gone and we actually did not feed the fish (stingrays are fish) but the guide had some chopped up squid in a bottle with small holes that they tried to get into.
The rays below are Southern Stingrays. The females are about 5 feet across and the males about 2 feet across.

Southern Stingray

Southern Sting Ray

Southern Sting Ray at Stingray City

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