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Grand Cayman

A Week at Cobalt Coast on the Northwest side of Grand Cayman diving with DiveTech.

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Algae growing under coral formations
If you didn't know this was underwater, you might think it was fern growing.

Anemone & Sponges
Often there would be cleaner shrimp in the anemones

Looking up at surface through Brain Coral and Blue Chromis from about 50 feet.

Brittle Star on a Sponge

Christmas Tree worms. They will quickly 'jump' back into their holes if they feel your presence.

Sponge & Coral

Reef scene with a school of grunts

Sponges, Coral and Algae

Some kind of crab on a sponge

Frank on wreck of the Doc Poulsen

Jessica by one of the beautiful coral formations

A commode

Orange sponge

Red Sponge formations

Tube Worm

Coral view

Star Coral

A herd of hermit crabs that looked like snails that were all moving around together.


The Oro Verde Wreck

Diver Jam around the Oro Verde

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