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A longer weekend in Tucson, Arizona

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After wanting to go to the Grand Canyon for decades, I finally had my chance.

My original plan was actually to go diving in Mexico, at San Carlos on the Sea of Cortez, but Hurricane Norbert was planning it's arrival at San Carlos at the same time I was, so I decided to go north from Tucson, rather than south.

This led me to explore the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater and the Petrified Forest as well as some wonderful other mountains and canyons in Arizona. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the variety of landscapes I encountered as the elevation and latitude increased.

Some areas of Arizona could pass for Colorado or even California, but AZ is still more or less a place of mountains and deserts and broad panoramas.

Sunrise over Tucson

View of mountains through Westin hotel windows.



Grand Canyon Hotel - Oldest Hotel in Arizona.

Looking down at trail into Grand Canyon

Sunset at the South Rim

Grand Canyon South Rim after Sunset

Bright moon above the canyon

Tourists (like me) watching sunset in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset

Little Colorado River
Although this chasm was not nearly as big as the Grand Canyon, it was, to me at least, scarier.
Here you are looking straight down over 1000 feet to the Little Colorado River.

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