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We flew into Launceston and drove straight up to Port Sorrel. When we got to the B&B we saw wallabies jumping across the road.
We walked up the road a bit, flashlight in hand, and found the fields were just full of them grazing.
We learned later that these particularly small ones were called Tasmanian Pademelons.

In the morning we were treated to a fantastic assortment of singing birds, including Black Cockatoos.

We then drove on to Langoona, on the River Leven for 2 days at Mountain Valley Lodge where there was the promise of some great wildlife viewing.
Sure enough we were able to see Tasmanian Devils coming right up on our porch.


Here you can see a Tasmanian Devil right next to Jessica.

This is a view of the cabin at the Wilderness lodge at the end of the road in Loongana on the Campbell River.

This is a view from the cabin looking south. Yes, that is snow on the hills.

We did see a Platypus in the wild in Tasmania right at the river by the  cabin.
We also saw one in the Atherton Highlands, about 1500 miles north, but I was never able to get a decent picture,
since they tend to be out when it is pretty dark and they are very shy.
This one is the best.

This devil was chasing away another and was making an outrageous racket in doing so.

This is a Forrester's Wallaby in Narawntapu National Park.

We had about five Tasmanian Devils visit us and this one was there the longest and was the first back the next night.

Echidna.. Their only relative is the platypus

Echidna.. locally known as the hedgehog... but very different

We drove back up to the coast to catch the Fairy Penguins (also known as Little Penguins)
coming in from a day out at sea after it gets dark.

A Fairy Penguin in it's nest

This is one climbing up from the ocean.

Black Cockatoo

Superb Blue Wren
Superb Fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus),

Pink Robin
Petroica rodinogaster

Cave that we went down into to see glowworms

Cockatoo by the side of the road


Spider egg cases and glowworm threads in a log

Jessica under tree ferns

That's me at the top of the falls

A wet wallaby

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