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While there we took one day and went diving in Botany Bay and were lucky enough to see Weedy Sea Dragons and Cuttlefish
 as well as some great Nudibranch and plenty of fish, large and small.

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Diving at Steps Dive site in Botany Bay in the suburbs of Sydney

Giant Cuttlefish.. apparently the '2 tentacles up' thing is a warning to back off.
I did give him a wide berth anyway, even though at the time I was unaware of cuttlefish body language.


One of the reasons for diving in Sydney was to get a chance to see Weedy Sea Dragons and we were lucky and saw quite a few diving at the "Steps" dive site at Kurnell in Botany Bay


Weedy Sea Dragon looking at Jessica

Weedy Sea Dragon



Shark egg

This view is halfway down the cliff to where we went into the water.
This is Botany Bay and across the water you can see the city of Sydney


I think these are some kind of mollusk-like creatures

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