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Trip to Cozumel, Mexico - April 2009
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Queen Angel

Wonderful branching gorgonian

Reef Shark (maybe blacktip reef shark)

School of French Grunts

Hawksbill Turtle

Banded Butterfly Fish in Coral and Sponges
You can see how the current defines the shape of coral much the way prevailing wind does with trees on exposed mountains and on shorelines.

Scrawled Filefish

Coney in the typical large barrel sponge

Flamingo Tongue

Bluestriped Grunts (with some French Grunts)

Two VERY large Caribbean Spiny Lobsters

Queen Angel.. close-up

Spotted Drum

Schoolmaster Snappers

Barrel Sponge

Very large Rainbow Parrotfish coming towards me

Close up of the Rainbow Parrotfish. He was probably about 3 feet long. The biggest Parrotfish I have seen.

Redband Parrotfish

Eerie reef formation

A Cobey being cleaned by a Pederson's Shrimp.

Hawksbill Turtle & two French Angels


Sea Horse

looking up through a hole in the coral

Sponge & Coral

Brittle Star on sponges

Splendid Toadfish hiding

Scuba Club Cozumel


(all pictures and videos on this page taken with Canon G9, some with Sea & Sea YS27DX strobe, some with Ikelite DS-51)

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