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  Creatures of Curacao -Diving - August 2009
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Arrow crab

Lettuce Sea slug - These were everywhere

Chain Moray Eel - on Tuesday dive at Alice in Wonderland

Common Octopus - During the day in front of AllWest

Bluespotted Cornetfish
this fish was at least 5 feet long plus the tail. It was hanging out at Mushroom Forest.
The Cornetfish is a larger relative of the Trumpetfish

Honeycomb Cowfish

Close up view of Decorator Crab with 3 Hitchhiker Anemones on its back

Decorator Crab with 3 Hitchhiker Anemones on its back - right under the pier at Alice in Wonderland.

Slender Filefish
in soft coral at Playa Lagun

Flamingo Tongue

Peacock Flounder

Goldentail Moray

Goldspotted Eel - night dive in front of AllWest (Playa Piscado)

Green Moray Eel

Peacock Flounder

Pederson Shrimp -  lined up at a cleaning station

Southern Stingray

Banded Coral Shrimp

A school of somewhat rare Rainbow Runners. These showed up during a drift dive at Rediho.

Flying Gurnard - saw this on our first dive at Alice in Wonderland, along with an Eagle Ray.

Sea Hare - Near the dock at Alice in Wonderland

Secretary Blenny

Secretary Blenny

Spotted Anemone Shrimp

Spotted Eel - at night in front of AllWest (Playa Piscado)

Spotted Trunkfish

Hawksbill Turtle - at Playa Lagun

(all pictures and videos on this page taken with Canon G9, with Sea & Sea YS27DX strobe.)

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