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Delargy Family Tree Correspondence.

Thanks to everyone who has shared information about the family. Read through this and you may find some relatives that are closer than you think. Most recent correspondence is near the bottom unless it ties in directly with another. I try to keep the email addresses so if you want to contact someone, let me know.

From Dorothea:


Hi Frank, I don't know if you're a distant cousin or not but suspect we are connected it's just a question of how far back? I know that Catherine McQuillan and Patrick DeLargy had about nine children, one of whom was James born 1852 married Margaret Ruddock. I think the link goes back to a generation or more before that.
We can go back as far as Michael Delargy 1752 - 1832. His grave is in Glenravel, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland. The original headstone was erected by his son John. Apart from the reference to this fact (which is on the gravestone) we can't find out much more about John. We have been able to trace the descendants of his brother Charles, and three sisters with some additional information.
The repetition of Christian names continues: My brother is Francis and his son is Frank. My father was James, and I have a brother and nephew also called James.
Although I can't add to the information you already have I was wondering have you any other information that might help and/or have you any other contacts who might hold information that could fill in the gaps.
Enjoyed your website - seems you're leading a pretty interesting life.
Hope you'll find the time to get back to me.
Best wishes
Antrim, Northern Ireland
ps Wondered whether you've come across this Delargy crest?
Hi Frank, On looking through some files I came across the following:
Patrick Del and Catherine McQuillan had the following children.
James 1852 m Margaret Ruddock 1858 (Extract 1891 census for Scotland)
John 1854
Rose 30th April 1864
Daniel 1865
Hugh 20th January 1866
William 1867
Catherine 15th Dec 1867 in Clough, Co. Antrim
Margaret 6th Dec 1869 married John Quinn 1893 Maryhill Scotland died New York
Bernard 1871
There may be a connection to a townland (small district) outside Ballymena, called Skerry where  John Delargy (guessing my gt gt gt uncle) died 1851. Reference in the Griffiths Land Registry shows Patrick renting there in 1862 and then another John living there he was born 1833 died 1904.
From Freda:
Hi Frank
I'm not sure if we are related but the names are almost the same.
The following information came from my mother (Elizabeth) now aged 90.
My grandfather was Bernard Delargy born in Cargin, Glenravel Co Antrim around 1875.
He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters (that we know of)
James Delargy
Dan Delargy 
Kate Delargy (nee White) 
Rose Delargy(nee Darroch)
Bernard married Margaret McAuley (Born in 1876 Waterfoot, Glenariff Co Antrim) 
They had 6 children.
The first three were born in Ireland
The next three were born in Glasgow Scotland
Elizabeth (my mother)
My Grandparents returned to Cargin, Glenravel around 1944. Then finally settled in Scotland in 1954.
Bye for now
An update ... Hi Frank
It's been a while since I have written to you.
My cousins and I have been trying to find info on Patrick Delargy and Catherine Mcquillan ( Our Great Grandparents and your Great Great Grandparents)
Your Great Grandfather James and my Grandfather Bernard were brothers.
Bernard was the baby of the family and he was born in 1871. and he was baptised on the 13/8/1871 in Glenravel (Skerry) County Antrim Ireland.
When James was married in 1874 (in Scotland) Patrick was already deceased.
When Bernard was married in 1899 in Kilmore County Antrim Ireland, the marriage certificate reads that Patrick and Catherine were from Glasgow.
We are stumped
What we are trying to find out is was Patrick and Catherine Scottish or Irish and where did they die Scotland or Ireland.
We can't find them anywhere/
I think they were Irish and moved to Scotland sometime between 1871 and 1874.
Have you any idea?
From Gareth:
My great grandmother was a Catherine Delargy from Glenravel, Co Antrim Ireland. There is a couple of Delargy families in Glenravel, I descend from the Delargys of Islandnabrackey Michael 1752 - 1832, His headstone is still standing.  beside it is the grave of Bernard Delargy of Rosedermott.  We feel that there must be a connection between these two families but have not been able to establish one YET.  I think Bernard may be the father of the Patrick named below, I don't have all my info with me but I will try and check this out.  
Patrick Delargy M Catherine McQuillan having issue Rose 1864, Hugh 1866, William 1867, Catherine 1867


(See additional names above from Dorothea)
From James:


Hi Frank, Our family comes from Ireland - my Mum's Dad was from Isle of Skye (ne: Shearer).  We don't know of a direct Delargy link to our family from Scotland - I traced the name back in Dublin library 10 years ago to 1600s where the family seem to come from Mayo and Antrim - will dig out the research and e-mail it. I've copied in brother, sisters, wife, couple of cousins as we're on a mission to map out the family history and earmark the legends before we all forget. Let's stay in touch and see if all paths lead to one very fertile Irish ancestor! Cheers, James Delargy
Dad was the 13th child and youngest of James Delargy and Margaret Ruddock. 
Patrick Delargy and Catherine O'Quinlan are my great-grandparents.
From Christine: Hi Frank,

My husband's grandmother was MARTHA MARY DELARGY b Nov 1862 Farmington, Fulton Co IL, dau of CHARLES DELARGY and JANE MCNEILL/MACNEILL.

MARTHA was wife of THOMAS JOSEPH FINNIGAN, m 1877 Piatt Co IL, later resided in Champaign.

CHARLES DELARGY was b 1823-1833 (Cushendall?) Ireland, m JANE in Glenarm, Co Antrim on 13 Feb 1862 (his parents not shown on marriage certificate). He died 10 Jan 1884 Farmer City, Dewitt Co IL. At some point, Jane returned to Ireland; m 2nd to Joseph O'Sullivan. Jane died 10 April 1897 at Larne, Antrim; supposedly buried Carnlough.

THOMAS DELARGY (brother of Charles) m JANE BLACK. Daughter Martha b 2 Feb 1862 Glenarm, d 1941 Decatur IL; James b Ireland, d 28 Nov 1936 PA, buried St. John's Cemetery, Manayunk, Philadelphia; Margaret b c1867. Absolutely nothing is further known of Thomas/Jane, nor of dau Margaret.

Carnlough Graveyard: Erected by Charles Delargey in memory of his brother Daniel who died 31st August 1841 aged 19 years. Also his uncle Hecter McNeill died 15 Jan 1848 aged 59 yrs. Also his grandfather John McNeill died on 5th February 1851 aged 58 yrs. Also his uncle James McNeill died 14th Jan 1861 aged 57 yrs.

Culfeitrim Graveyard: Here lieth the remains of Patrick Dilergy late of Creg(h)ban who departed this life the 26th August 1830 aged 76 years. Erected by his son James.

Grave inscriptions were sent to me by Caitriona Delargy M... who lives in Glasgow.
Her brother is Rev. Torlach Delargy, lives in San Francisco.

Would like to know father's name. Don't know if these particular McNeills related to those of JANE, but she was aunt to the well-known EOIN MACNEILL.

Any ideas on these DELARGYs?

Thank you, Christine

From Pat:


Hi Frank

My Mother was Margaret Delargy, Her Mom was Mary Stewart Delargy from Cushendall, Antrim N. Ireland. My Dad was Malachy McErlean, born outside Larne, Antrim. Dad came to Greenpoint, Brooklyn where he met my Mom. They had six children of which I am the youngest I had no idea Moms family had relatives in Scotland, small world.

I went on the web tonight because my cousin ask me to research Delargy Family for her and came across your web. All the Delargy family I know are in Queens or Long Island NY Nice to know we do have relations out there. Take care Take care you have a lovely Family. Pat:):) .
Hi I spoke to my cousin Charles Delargy's wife Mary the other night.  Her maiden name was O'Quillan just like your great great grandma's.  She is also from Cushendall!!! Small world, I teased her about a Delargy marrying a O'Quillan again after so many years.  I love the pictures of your family and that you could trace them back that far. She said that there were other Delargy's in Cushendall that were not related to us.  Take care    Pat :):) 

From Sheila: (Special thanks to Sheila for the pictures of my Great Grandparents)
Reading up on the Delargy's and the correct spelling:
We have a little different information the spelling was similar with a b added. O'Duibhlearga - don't matter now really, the translation is "loving not the Galls" who knows. The Delargy's were driven out of North Connacht by the Barretts and the Burkes and they settled in Glens of Antrim.  It might be a fairy story for all I know.  They have a coat of arms Motto: fac et spera - Do and Hope.  This might all be a fairy story anyway.  Delargy is fine although growing up with that name I was always asked what kind of name is that!
My grandmother Margaret Ruddock was born in Ayr. My sister Maggie found out that Patrick Delargy married Catherine MQuillan in Glasgow and they were my great grandparents - no pictures.  My father was born 15 Feb 1901 in Lambhill and was the youngest of 13.  Our grandfather was a coalminer.
From Racheal: Rachel runs the website
Here is what they have found out about the name
Ó Duilearga/Delargy

On her website you will find a contact list of Delargy's and her other relatives. You can add yourself if you want.

From Theodora
Dear Frank,
I am trying to trace my g-g-grandfather, Charles DeLarguy (Delargy).  His daughter, Rosalie Delargy Harper, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, November 1, 1849.  Her mother was Catherine McLaughlin.  Her death certificate states the place of birth for Charles was France.  I have searched immigration records to find when Charles might have come to the US, but no luck so far.  Rosalie somehow got to Virginia City, Nevada, and was married there to Charles Harper 16 December 1869.  She died in San Francisco, California, 21 March 1928 and is buried in Modesto, Stanislaus, California. 
Any idea where Charles might have really been born?   Delargy's seem to be Irish, not French.
Thank you for any help.  I am willing to share my information.  Thanks again.  Theodora S 
From Roy Frank, I am Roy Francis DeLargy Jr.  64 years young. I live in Mooresville, NC.  My Father was an orphan but I know his parents were living in St. Louis Mo. When he was born. (I noticed that Theodora S. mentions St. Louis in her email, thus the inquiry).  My Father’s birth certificate read Francis Roy DeLargy. Child of Charles M. DeLargy & Amada Sell.  I think they had both been married prior to their getting together. They both died at a very young age (mid thirties) of TB. Charles DeLargy’s Father was Michael DeLargy & Mother was Bridgit Bannon of Ireland. (My great Grand Parents).  Does this fit into any history of the DeLargys that you know? I’ve always been interested in why some spell it with a capital “L” and some with a small “l”. Do you know? I’ll look forward to hearing from you. It would be nice to know something about my relatives at this age. I would like to pass it on to my Sons, Anthony & Andrew DeLargy who currently live with me. Thanks.

Response: Personally I think that some folks use the capital L because they like it better that way and just change it.
The name is of Irish origin and therefore would not be capitalized in the middle like a French or Spanish name.

From Terrence
Information about a historic marker for an inn run by Delargy's in St Louis County, MO (circa 1856).

Overland Trail - Sycamore Hills/Overland, MO (St. Louis County)

Site Marker No. 2
Site of the Twelve Mile Inn -1856  
Owned and operated by James and Margaret DeLargy.
This is all I have right now, I'm researching the original land owners/grantees in my neighborhood and this historic site is just at the top of my street.
From Charles

My name is Charles Delargy; I live in Long Island, New York, with my wife and two girls.  My father also named Charles grew up in Co. Antrim as did my mom, Mary McQuillan.  I know that there were a number of brothers and one sister in my father’s family.  One of my dad’s brothers also moved out to NY.  Both my father and Uncle Jimmy have passed away, but my Uncle Jimmy’s wife, Aunt Kathleen, is still alive and they had five children who are all married and have families of their own in the NY and Connecticut area.   

I believe there is still one uncle left in my father’s family named Alec who lives in England, but his son lives on the property they were all raised in named Barard in Co. Antrim.  I hope this information assists you in your family tree.
Take care,

Note: My Great Great grandmother was also named McQuillan and she lived in county Antrim! She, like Charles' mother, became a Delargy.

From Kenneth Do you know where my Delargy Family came from before they arrived in Canada?

Patrick REGAN
Born: around 1829 to 1832, Ireland or Canada
Religion: Roman Catholic
Married: 9 Oct 1854, St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston, Canada
Occupation: Sailor
Died: 14 or 5 September 1900, Kingston, Canada
Buried: Roman Catholic Burying Ground, Wolfe Island, Canada
Father: James REGAN, deceased before 9 Oct 1854
Mother: Anne Finnan

Wife: Isabella DELARGY
Died: around 1858, probably Kingston, Canada
Father: Patrick DELARGY
Mother: Mary OLINN

Their Children:
Ellen REGAN, b. 15 Aug 1855, Kingston, mrd Louis Joseph Mosier 16 Oct 1877, Wolfe Island, d. 4 June 1941, Olympia, Washington. She was raised by her grandmother, Mrs. John Hawkins (second marriage). She is my great grandmother. My grandmother is named Isabella after her grandmother (Isabella Delargy).
Anna Maria, b. 15 May 1857, Kingston, Canada
St. Mary's Cathedral Registers -- all of Kingston. Sponsors at Patrick and Isabella's wedding were James Regan and Ann Delargy.
Certainly appreciate any help in pushing this family branch back to the Old World.
Many thanks.
Kenneth Johnson, Dallas, Oregon

I don't know this part of the family, but someone might.

More info from Kenneth.
I got more information from St. Mary's Cathedral Registers of Kingston, Canada starting in 1829.
Microfilm is from Family History Library, Salt Lake City, #1,298,764.
October 1849, page 621, Registry of Marriages:
Patrick Grady and Bridget Delargy married on 8 October 1849, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Bridget Delargy is the daughter of Patrick Delargy and Mary Olinn of the Parish of Blade, County Antrim.
February 1844, page 248, Registry of Marriages:
Mathew Maxwell and Margaret Delargy married on 15 April 1844. Margaret is the daughter of Pat Delargy and Mary Olen of the Parish of Laid (Layd) Co. Antrim.
X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
Born: about 1790 to 1800, County Antrim, Ireland
Residences: Parishes of Blade and Layd, County Antrim
Their Children:
Margaret DELARGY, born abt 1823, married 15 April 1844 to Mathew Maxwell, Kingston, Canada. His parents: Alexander Maxwell and Rebecca Johnson of Dumfries, Scotland
Bridget, born about 1825, married 8 Oct 1849 to Patrick Grady, probably Kingston, Canada
Isabella, born about 1830, married 9 Oct 1854 to Patrick Regan, Kingston, Canada. (She's my great grandmother.)
Please post on your website to see if anyone knows about this Delargy family being from the Parishes of Blade and Layd.
Many thanks.
Kenneth Johnson, Dallas, Oregon

From Julie

Julie is my cousin's daughter. Julie, Thanks for the complete list of my grandfather and great grandfathers families!

From Michael McKeen

Hi Frank,

I have no idea if we are even very, very distantly related but I’ll share with you/others what I know which isn’t too much re the Delargy's. The thing that sparked my curiosity was Rose Delargy nee Darroch. My great grand mother was Rose Darragh nee Delargy (the Irish Darragh is often mistaken in Scotland for the native Darroch). She was born in Glen Arriff and married John Darragh and raised a family in Waterfoot. Her own father died whilst thatching a roof, other than this I know nothing of her prior to her marriage. Her children were Patrick, Maggie(as an adult married and lived in Coleraine), Kate (New York), Jimmy, Danny, Harry, Rosie and my grandfather Alex whose middle name was McQuillan (another coincidence), Johnny…these names are not in any order. To my knowledge all but Kate and Maggie left Antrim 1909 to 1910 (the father and older boys came first) my grandfather Alex,his mother and Rosie at least arrived in Lambhill in 1910. My great aunt Rosie kept in touch with all the brothers and sisters in adulthood. From memory the majority died in my childhood (1960s/70s) except Rosie who I remember as an adult and Patrick who died in the Cadder Pit Disaster. My own grandfather died Dec 29 1970 at the age of 74. The family of which I’m aware…grandpa, Rosie, Harry, Danny, Jimmy all died of some form of cancer as did my mother and her siblings. I mention this as I recall as a child in the 1960s Rosie telling my mother that "cousin" Eileen Delargy in Ireland had cancer and commenting that the family were cursed by it. This may help someone out there to make a link, or not. It seems though that some of us/all of us are surely related. Unfortunately it wasn't till my mother died that we realised that although we knew a lot about her mother (Alice Hyland) and her family (Glasgow and Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan) we knew little about her father's family other than what I've told you here and that her grandfather John Darragh was an only child.

I will be interested to hear from anyone who can shed any light on my Rose Delargy.


Kind regards,

Seonaid McKeen (nee Quinn)

Judy Wendt
Hi! I am searching for information on Charles Delargy born in Ireland abt. 1815, died in St. Louis, MO in 1848. He was married to Jane McCarty and they had at least one daughter, Mary, who was also born in Ireland in 1839. They may have had a son, Michael, born in St. Louis in 1847. So, they emigrated between 1840 and 1847 though I have been unable to find them on any passenger lists. I read recently that almost all the Delargy's in the U.S. went to Missouri. Their daughter, Mary (Mamie) married Dennis Hogan in 1858 at St. Patrick's Church. I would love to hear from anyone who may have a connection with this particular family. I'm also wondering if Jan remarried especially since Charles died at such an early age. I found a Charles and Jane in central Illinois, but these are not the same ones.
I'd also like to get in touch with Terrence - re a historic marker for an inn run by Delargy's in St Louis County, MO (circa 1856) who is on your family info page.
Thanks very much!
Judy wendt

If you have more information or want to contact anyone above, let me know and I'll forward your email to them if I can.

I will not share email or other peoples personal info on the web without their permission.

Thanks Frank