Itís been a great year for us and we are looking forward to another great one in 2003. Well, OK, I thought that I would do one of those, you know, one page flyers that people stuff into their Christmas cards that tells you all about how great their life is and usually makes you want to gag. So here we go.
The year started off great. sorta .. I was getting my daily joke emails from John and wallowing in the afterglow of the first Lord of the Rings movie, I was celebrating over a year with one woman who had just moved in with me. Colin and Ali, although fraught with teenage angst, seemed to be doing well. I was planning my 4th annual potluck. I still hadnít gained ALL of my weight backÖ yet!
Jessica, Ali and I took a vacation and went to Florida in February to swim with Manatees. That was great, except when I came back to work, after 27 years at Polaroid I found out that there wasnít a job for me. So I took another vacation. Well, actually I became a full-time job searcher. I learned all about unemployment and the on-line job sites and must have written 60 versions of my resume. Some of the jobs I applied for had over 1000 applicants. I almost got the job as IT director for the Acton schools coming in 2nd out of over 1000 original resumes.

In the spring a fox decide to have her babies in a neighbors yard. She had 8 kits. It was a treat we will never forget.

Nevada came over to visit in the summer, hanging out with his friends in Arlington, going to computer camp in Newton and obliging his family with his presence. Oh yeah, he came over from Italy to be part of our wedding. That was the big event of the year, even bigger than the Two Towers; no, really.. Nevadaís grandmother from Milano and Dennis, my brother from Scotland came over as well. The house was a bit more full than normal. We had a great wedding and wish that everyone we knew could have been there. After the wedding, it was off to the west coast for a honeymoon and some exploring. Well, you know what happens when you do that!. The baby here with Jessica is Christina, the lovely new addition to the world brought to us by our friends Antoine and Claude.

Ali went out west with us and then went to a place where she learned about primate behavior and learned some sign language from chimps that talk to each other using American Sign Language.

Our friend Yuan went back to Malaysia. Weíll go visit soon.

So, Everyone is doing pretty great now. Ali just got her license and smashed her ritual first car. Colin is home from school, growing his hair and (donít say I told you) looking great. We are booked up for a week in Hawaii in January and just canít wait to see lava and get in some great snorkeling, beachcombing and exploring.

We all hope that you are doing well and wish you a great holiday and a very happy new year. As usual some of our life is chronicled on http://www.delargy.com . If we donít see you soon, call us.

Seasons Greetings!

The Delargyís